When you work with Palo Alto Real Estate, you become one of the more than 100 buyers we’ve guided successfully through the home buying process. Our focus is on giving you the information you need to feel empowered and in control throughout your search and purchase.

Whether you attend our home buying seminar or sit down with us one-on-one, we help you understand what lies ahead and how to prepare. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

COMPETITIVE FINANCING – we introduce you to a lender that meets your specific needs and clarifies the details of your loan so you can proceed with confidence

STRESS-FREE HOME SEARCH – you get free access to the best search engine for home shopping in the Bay Area. We subscribe to this membership-only resource so you can enjoy a stress-free home search. Features include instant alerts and concurrent multiple searches so you find the right homes quickly and efficiently.

DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT REVIEW – to make the disclosure documents more manageable, we examine the meaning and significance of the six most important reports and interpret them for you

PRACTICE PURCHASE AGREEMENT – we walk you through writing a warm-up offer, so you’re ready when the big day comes. You’ll become familiar with the terms, concepts and flow.

HOME TOURS – we visit homes with you as you consider them. These “field trips” are great fun and allow us to know and serve you better. And, when you see properties through our seasoned contractor/remodeler eyes, you’ll never look at homes the same way again. Here is where we get to roll up our sleeves and really add value.



Tina Smith
Sales Associate
Phone: 415.987.5002
BRE #: 01936830

Tina Smith serves as a member of Dirk Kinley's top-producing team with a focus on buyer representation and new construction. No matter a client's criteria or budget, Tina is committed to a buyer's successful transition into home ownership. She pays great attention to detail, guiding her clients through every step of the transaction to make the process seamless.

Tina loves Palo Alto's lifestyle and its unparalleled uniqueness, unlike any other place in the world. She attends the San Francisco Opera, Ballet, and Symphony regularly. Her hobbies includes tennis, cycling, yoga, traveling, and reading Architectural Digest.

Carla Mayer
Sales Associate
Phone: 415.987.5003
BRE #: 01175693

Through successfully closing 70+ transactions in her real estate career,Carla has proven to be one of the sharpest, brightest, and most reliable real estate professionals in the Palo Alto Area.

She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Psychology and Social Behaviors, which has helped him understand how to better connect socially and professionally with others, an essential trait of a successful real estate professional.

One of Carla’s greatest assets is his likeability in the real estate community.  Local agents enjoy working with him because he is thorough, easy to work with, has good communication skills, and possesses strong work ethics.

Jane Ostin
Sales Associate
Phone: 415.987.5004
BRE #: 01569413

Jane is relevant to today’s market trends and constantly shares the latest and most updated news with his clients.  Trust, honesty, highly motivated, and the willingness to be creative and think outside of the box are only a few feelings you will experience upon working with her.

Jane’s service is essentially a one-stop shop and she encourages herclients to utilize her network to achieve the highest results. One of Jane’s strengths is assisting homeowners with design plans; since she understands today’s market wants and needs, she offers valuable home improvement tips to maximize value.